Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

Simplify and organize how you clean your vacation rental

When it comes to cleaning your vacation rental, you may find that the traditional house cleaner may not meet all of your needs. There are some cleaning companies that advertise services for vacation rentals, but are those just their standard services dressed up? Do they include anything different that adds value to my business? The answer is most likely no. Unfortunately, house cleaning has not evolved along with short term rentals, and still leaves plenty of room for improvement.

Whether you use a cleaning service or do the cleaning yourself, here are some suggestions to help make your business shine!

1. Use locked storage at the house for supplies. Inside the door post the supply checklist. Try to always keep at least one backup of each item you supply for both the guests and the cleaners.

2. Make an inventory list of all the items in the home, and include it in your checkout inspection.  

3. Create a comprehensive, but simple, checklist for the cleaners. You do not want it to be too long, or they may just check all the boxes without reading it.

4. Make sure the cleaners have photos of how the home is supposed to look. This includes art, decor and furniture placement.

If you do not live near your vacation rental, you may want to look into local services for help on the ground. Try reaching out to any local vacation rental businesses and see if they offer assistance to owners without management contracts. We are located in Gilbert, Arizona and offer all our cleaning, maintenance, and repair services to local vacation rental owners and operators. In addition to the above services we also offer check in services, inventory checks, and emergency guest services to any vacation rental owner in the area.